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Thomas G. Doe


Mr. Doe is Founder and CEO of Municipal Market Advisors (MMA), an independent research and strategy firm serving leading participants in the fixed income industry. Founded in 1995, MMA provides consulting services, benchmark data and subscription research reports to a diverse client base of dealers, investors and issuers engaged in the tax-exempt market. MMA also counsels and advises trade associations, US and foreign central banks, regulators and Congressional leaders in order to improve industry operations.

More than 200 media outlets have cited MMA for its definitive, independent and credible assessment of market conditions and issues as well as its creative ideas for solutions and improvement.

The firm’s main location is in Concord, MA and has offices in Bradenton, FL,
Chatham, NJ, Westport, CT and Washington, DC.

Municipal Industry Commitment and Involvement

Mr. Doe has addressed all the leading groups in the municipal industry. His insight, integrity, candor and historical context is sought to establish a clear perspective of current conditions impacting investors and issuers in the municipal cash and derivative markets. In March 2009, Mr. Doe testified before the Senate Banking Committee on the future of municipal regulation and the state of the industry and in December 2010, he appeared before the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) on the market’s stability and liquidity. On January 20, 2011, he represented the industry in a CNBC interview to accurately define market credit risks in response to Meredith Whitney’s dire municipal default projection. Most recently, in February, Mr. Doe presented at the National Governors Association’s winter meeting regarding the state of public finance.

Mr. Doe’s served a 3-year term, as a public member, on the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, (MSRB) the regulatory entity of the municipal securities industry between 2002 and 2005.

Personal Background

Mr. Doe received an undergraduate degree from Colgate University in 1980 and a masters from Harvard University in 1984. Mr. Doe resides in Concord, Massachusetts with his wife Mimi, an author and who is co-founder of College Application Bootcamps. They have two daughters, ages 21 and 24.




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