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John Ryding

John Ryding is the Chief Economist and a founding partner of RDQ Economics LLC—a New-York based independent macroeconomic consulting, advisory, and research firm.  John formed RDQ Economics with Conrad DeQuadros following the merger of Bear Stearns and JPMorgan in 2008.  Prior to the merger, John was the Chief U.S. Economist for Bear Stearns, where he worked since 1991.  During his time at Bear, John was frequently recognized in the Institutional Investor polls for his work on economics and monetary policy.

RDQ Economics LLC continues in the tradition of John and Conrad’s economic and market analysis at Bear.  The hallmark of this analysis was the consistent application of classical economic and monetary principles and this discipline has produced superior anticipation of changes in the stance of monetary policy and movements in economic growth, inflation, equity prices, and bond yields.  Their approach to economics pays close attention to market prices, such as commodities, gold, and foreign exchange rates, that they believe capture shifts in the stance of monetary policy, as well as to the incentive effects of shifting tax rates.  In 2003, John was invited to meet with the President of the United States to advise on changes to the tax treatment of dividends.  He also served on New York Governor George Pataki’s Tax Reform Commission in 2005 and is currently an advisor to New York State on the economy and tax revenues.

Prior to 1991, John spent 12 years in central banking.  From 1980 to 1989 he worked at the Bank of England.  During that time he ran the Bank’s forecast group (1984-87) and then became an advisor on balance of payments issues (1987-89).  John then moved to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for two years to work as a Senior Economist on U.S. financial markets (where he focused on the housing market and the transmission mechanism of monetary policy) and then as a visiting Senior Economist to the New York Fed’s Open Market Desk, where he prepared reports for the FOMC on domestic financial conditions and conducted ad hoc research projects.

John is a graduate of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge in 1980.  He is a frequent commentator on economics on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, and the BBC.  He is widely quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.   



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