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James Lee


Senior Securities Analyst, Calvert Investments

James Lee, CFA, Senior Securities Analyst. University of Pennsylvania, BA Economics. He has 20 years of experience in High Yield and High Grade investments.  Mr. Lee is responsible for investment decisions for High Yield  and Crossover corporate credits. James also manages the Calvert High Yield Bond Fund.

Prior to joining Calvert in June 2008, he was a Director and Senior Fixed Income Analyst for Deutsche Asset Management, New York, where he was responsible for credit and relative value investment decisions for multiple sectors ( Basic Industries, Healthcare, REITs, Homebuilders) within Deutsche’s global client portfolios. 

Prior to Deutsche Asset Management, Mr. Lee was the Senior Securities Analyst at Conseco Capital Management, where he was responsible for investment decisions for High Yield, Bank Loans, and High Grade assets for the Automotive and Industrial sectors




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