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Charles Peabody

Charles W. Peabody is a Managing Director and Analyst at Compass Point Research & Trading, LLC, Research Division. Most recently, Mr. Peabody served as a Founding Partner since 2001 and Partner in Charge of Research at Portales Partners, LLC, an independent research boutique focused on the financial services sector. Prior to this, he was a Financial Sector Research Analyst with Standard & Poor’s, Merrill Lynch, Kidder Peabody, Drexel Burnham, and UBS. Prior to founding Portales Partners LLC, Charles Peabody had been voted to the II analyst poll several times. He has also been frequently ranked by Bloomberg as “best analyst.”

Coverage list over the past 3 decades of financial analysis has included the money center banks, brokerage firms, regional banks and trust banks. What sets Charles apart is his ability to take macro views and translate them into micro impacts on a bank’s P&L. Charles Peabody is widely quoted in major news publications, including Bloomberg news, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Reuters, etc. He is also a frequent TV guest.





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