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Brandon Sheehan


VP-Senior Analyst
, Moody’s Investor Service

Brendan Sheehan is based in New York and leads Moody's corporate governance analysis efforts globally as part of the global ESG team. He plays a leading role in designing and implementing non-credit rating assessments and was responsible for the worldwide release of the Moody's Governance Assessment Framework in 2019. Heads the company's governance research efforts and plays an important role in integrating governance and other ESG considerations into credit analysis.

He is a proven leader and respected advisor with history of driving superior results through innovation, research, stakeholder engagement and strategic capital allocation. He is a talented business consultant, strategy analyst, and leading expert in public company governance, sustainability, board functionality and shareholder value. Prior to Moody’s he was a consultant with institutional investors, boards and management of public and private companies, advising them on strategies to maximize CSR and corporate governance value propositions.

He routinely lectures on governance, risk, sustainability and global macroeconomic issues and is a regular contributor to the debate on ESG, shareholder rights, corporate responsibility, and regulatory reform. As a former professional mountaineering instructor Brendan has participated in expeditions around the globe including four 21,000+ ft. peaks in the Himalaya. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from QUT of Australia, and a MBA from Durham University.




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